Monday, December 28, 2015

12-27-15 It was sooo nice talking to you guys!

Kumusta po dad! 

 Man, it was sooo nice talking to you guys! I passed our time limit a bit and even that didn't feel like it was enough time. Everyone looks so good. Eh I forgot to tell you guys to thank grandma for me. Tell her I said thank you so much for the gift; it's super special to me. By the way, how was Christmas for you guys? Are all the other cousins home? How are they? 

 This past week was just full of Christmas programs and activities. Something I really enjoyed was going caroling as a zone (just the missionaries). We had District Meeting on Tuesday morning then went caroling afterwards. The first place we visited was a hospital in Bayombong. Our original plan was to spend a few hours there singing to our sickly church members. When we got there they said most of the people were sleeping and we ended up only being able to sing in one room. I'm not sure if these people were members. Just walking through the hospital though, it was super humbling. I never realized just how blessed we really are back at home, having all the resources we have. We made our way into a small room with about 4 patients and their visitors, and we softly sang one of the Christmas hymns. After that Sister Romano bore her testimony on the Savior and passed out a few cards we prepared with our testimonies on them. After singing at the hospital we tried thinking of other places we could go. Eventually we made the plan to visit a member in that area and have her take us around a certain place to carol to others. We went around and sang, and the last person we sang to was the Governor of Nueva Vizcaya! Not gonna lie I'm still not sure why it was a big deal, but apparently it was haha. She had some mean security outside her office which was pretty cool. 

 Anyway, that was just one of the many fun activities we did this past week. Today we had a zone activity since transfer day is on Wednesday. Guess who's transferring! Not me, haha. It's funny, a few weeks ago as I realized this cycle was coming to an end I was super sad that there was a high possibility of me transferring. But within this past week I thought about it and was excited to get hit with something new again. Our Branch President even asked me to speak yesterday since they thought that would be my last Sunday here. The ZLs read the list when they got it and it turns out that Elder Bice is the only Elder leaving our zone. Him and a few sisters. He was super stoked haha, his area right now is a hard one. I'll admit I was a little bitter at first haha, but how can I complain? I know it's God who wants me here, so all I can do is continue to work hard and put my all into this area until He sees fit for me to leave.

 I think that's about it! Work continues to go really well here in Lamut. No one really progressing yet, but we're working on it. Thank you guys again for the Christmas package and everything! Know that I miss you guys, but I don't really feel "home sick" here during these holidays. I thought it would be horrible not celebrating with you guys, but Christmas was actually great and I'm stoked for New Years. I hope you guys have a great New Years too and that everyone is safe! Tell the family I miss and love them! Eh by the way, what happened to mom? I'll be praying for her. Sige love you guys! 

Elder Ishibashi

1. District picture after District Meeting

2. Caroling to the Governor of Nueva Vizcaya!

3. Christmas morning! The little sandal key chain was given by a member in our branch.

Christmas in the Philippines haha. On Christmas eve I realized it wouldn't be Christmas without a tree so I taped 3 papers together and made my own haha. 

Okay that's all for today. Love you guys! Have a great week and New Years!

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