Monday, January 4, 2016

1-3-16 Maligayang bagong taon!

Kumusta po mom!
 Maligayang bagong taon! Ah awesome! That's so nice to hear that Aunty Star invited the missionaries over for dinner. Did the sister say where she's from in the Philippines? When I get home I'll want to feed the missionaries a lot more, now that I know the struggle of not having dinner appointments haha. Our area really isn't that bad though. The Lagawe elders (area of Banaue Terraces) never get dinner appointments. They and we spent New Years eve at the zone leaders apartment. The next day we had like 2 lunch appointments and 2 dinner appointments. It was almost horrible haha, I was sooo fullll. The Lagawe elders forgot their phone in the apartment all day and when we got back they had no texts or calls from members haha. I feel for them. But man, New Years eve was super fun! We did this thing called a budo fight! Elder Teikauea cut off a few banana leaves outside and brought them in. They made sure they were clean, stemmed them, then laid them out on the table. Then we prepared the food and put everything onto the leaves when it was ready. When everything was ready we ate right on the leaves, picking whatever we wanted right from the center. And all this without plates or eating utensils haha (besides the things that needed to be in bowls). It was pretty awesome! Besides that we were also able to watch Inside N Out! It's a reaally good movie. Really sad at some parts though, like when Bing Bong sacrifices his life to save Rileys. So sad! But overall the movie was great haha. 

 I'm sorry you guys were so tired on New Years day, but I know the Gilsons are so grateful for your willingness to wake up so early to help them. It's a great example to me of being Christlike. I really hope everything is okay though, I'll be praying for their family. Man, I had no idea River was coming home so soon though! I just sent him an email but if he didn't get it, tell him I said I miss him! River has always been a friend to me even when I was so mean to him sometimes. He's also a great example of being Christlike. 

 Man, it's good to hear everything continues to go well for you guys. Aye by the way, thank the Primary girls, Sister Nguyen, and Sister Stockton for me please! They sent me a bunch of cards for Thanksgiving. I got it just a little before Christmas haha, but it was such a nice thing to receive an unexpected gift. Oh I also had a really cool experience on New Years day! After our dinner appointment we got on to a bus to go back to the ZLs again. On the bus we met a few members from New Zealand! It was a mom, dad, and their son who served in the Philippines Baguio Mission about 5 years ago. I talked with the mom and it turns out she knows the Bourne family! She went to school with uncle Clive them! She even remembered when they were making preparations to go to Hawai'i for Kaimi and Kiana's wedding! Her husband now is a Mutong which is French so I'm actually not sure if he's from New Zealand, but he had the accent so maybe. Her maiden name is Williams though. Now they live in Australia (still rep New Zealand when it comes to rugby though haha). They were here in the Philippines to visit the son's wife's family I think. He met her a few days before he went home from his mission then came back and married her haha. But man it was just so cool to meet a family who knew my family! One of those "What are the odds?" moments. 

 Besides all this, the work is going great. We have an investigator who wants to know more about the things we share and said she wants to attend church this sunday! I'll let you guys know about it next week. We haven't been able to visit a lot of other investigators the past couple weeks because of the holidays, but this week everything is back to normal so we'll hopefully visit most of them, if not all of them.

 Before I go I have just one more question. What are the birthdays of Kala'i and Lehia again? Haha. My guess is the 20th and 27th but I'm not sure. I know the months. I pulled out the calendar you guys sent me this week and marked the days of everyone's birthdays. They're the only two I wasn't sure about. But anyway that's it for this week. Glad to hear everyone's doing okay! Love you guys!

Mahal ko po kayo,
Elder Ishibashi

Pictures 1 & 2: Budo fight! I think it's called a fight because after everyone's full you're supposed to have a food fight with the leftovers haha. Don't worry though, we just finished it the next day.

Pictures 3 & 4: These are just for Lehia to look at and help him with drawing ideas. The first one I did so a member can put it on a shirt. He said it'll take at least a few months so I won't even be here if he finishes it haha. The second one was for another member; he wants to try carving it into wood! 

Love you guys!

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