Monday, December 14, 2015

12-13-15 Magandang hapon po family!

Magandang hapon po family!

 Man I'm so excited to skype you guys too! I think I want to skype after Christmas if that's okay with you guys. Like maybe the 26th? Around 7 pm your time? If there's something going on on that day, please let me know. I just want to skype on the most convenient day for you guys. Also what's the skype name that I'm going to call? 
 As usual, this week was another great one. Did I tell you guys about Bro. Mark? The scientist from Britain? He's a strong atheist but is super welcoming and open to discussing the gospel with us. I won't lie and say that I think we're making progress with him, but it's definitely a huge blessing for me having visits with him. Bro. Mark has so many questions about the gospel and always has a way to counter our answers. The huge blessing that comes from it, is my personal studies are more meaningful. And along with that I'm constantly thinking about principles I would like to share with him and the best way to share that principle. Doing these things not only help me in our discussions with him, but in our other lessons as well. So many blessings because of an atheist, how's that haha. 
 One thing I was pretty bummed about this week: The Enejas didn't go to church! On Saturday they were busy with a project for school so all we could do was invite them to church. Maybe they were just busy working on it again yesterday, I'm not sure. I just really hope we can have a great lesson with them this week and get them back to church on Sunday! On a good note though, everything overall is still going great in our area. We're slowly finding new investigators and even more LAs. It's so crazy that there's a high chance I'll be transferring in a couple weeks! I want to leave my area with a bang, so we'll be picking up the pace this week for sure. 

 By the way, did you guys see the First Presidency Christmas Conference? We were able to go see it at the Solano chapel last night. The talks were so great and inspiring! My favorite part of the Conference was when Elder Bednar talked about Jesus Christ's returning to earth 3 days after his death. Those 3 days he was gone there was absolute darkness. Not even a candle could be lit. Then the first thing they see after those 3 days is Jesus Christ, who says, "I am the Light". I have a testimony that Jesus Christ is the only true light, and that only through him will we be able to live with Heavenly Father again. I love him so much for this knowledge. 

 I'll be praying for you mom as you work hard to accomplish all these tasks and jobs you have. Kaya nyo po iyan! Let everyone know I love them please. By the way, how's Kaulike? And Logan Prudholm? Hyrum Kim emailed me this past week and it got me thinking about these guys. If you see Hyrum anytime soon, tell him and his family I love them please! 

Mahal na mahal ko po kayo,
Elder Ishibashi

Some pics from Banaue today! The hike was death again, but worth it haha.


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