Sunday, December 20, 2015

12-20-15 Time is going by too fast talaga

Kumusta po family! 

 Man I can't believe it's almost Christmas already!! Time is going by too fast talaga. I can't wait to skype you guys!! This week is going to be another quick one, so many activities and stuff going on. There's also a high chance that this is my last full week in Lamut! Transfer day is on the 30th and we think Elder Capulac will be training next cycle since so many new missionaries are coming in. It's definitely bittersweet that I might be transferring; I've come to love this area so much! It'll be hard adjusting to a new area, companion, people, etc. But, this means another opportunity to learn and grow so for that I am excited. 

 This past week was great! I won't go too much into detail so there's more to talk about when we skype, but a lot of great things happened. My favorite was our Missionaries Christmas Devotional in Santiago. Four zones met up together and President and Sister Rahlf really broke down the Nativity Story for us to understand it better. After that we had lunch and a bunch of fun activities. Then we ended it all with a short testimony meeting. The spirit was so strong throughout the whole devotional. They also gave us CDs with christmas-related mormon messages. I was like tearing up while watching them at the apartment haha. 

 On Saturday we had a Solano District Christmas party. Each branch in the district had games and a presentation. Did I tell you guys that like all Filipinos are into dancing? Almost every branch had their youth do a dance routine for their presentation. It was the sickest thing! I should probably feel bad because they all danced to "Babylonian" music haha, but it was kind of refreshing. I so miss dancing. Ang galing ng mga bata dito!

 Anyway that's all I'll talk about for now. I can not wait to see you guys oh my goodness. I hope this week is a great one for you guys! I hope everything's not too stressful while you prepare for Christmas. Love you guys!!

See you soon!
Elder Ishibashi

Baptism for Bayombong sisters

Christmas Devotional

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