Sunday, December 6, 2015

12-6-15 The best of all the days

Okayyy Kumusta mom! 

 I left my planner at the apartment so I can't remember everything we did this week, but it was a great one! Yesterday was by far the best of all the days. We had an LA family go to church! Man, that was the happiest I've felt so far in the field. It's weird because it's not like their attending church does anything for me, but I was just so happy to see them there because I know that that meant they're trying to come closer to our Father in Heaven. It was so awesome! I think I wrote about this family before: The mom and daughter are baptized but one son, Jong, hasn't been baptized yet. He's excited to be baptized though, we just need to go through all of the lessons first. I've been a little worried of him eventually getting baptized because his mom hasn't taken them to church since I don't know how long before I came, and we know that it doesn't end there at baptism. After baptism comes enduring to the end, which means going to church and doing all the other things that we know Heavenly Father wants to do. Knowing that, I was worried that he'd be baptized and stop going to church. I still am worried, but I have high hopes for Jong and his family. The spirit was so strong during sacrament & testimony meeting and sis. Eneja wasn't afraid to answer questions during class. And on top of that, all of the members treated her so kindly and Nanay Bayon sat with her during class. It was just such a cool experience for me. I'm grateful for Elder Capulac's diligence and boldness. We've scheduled to meet with the Enejas every Saturday and at the end of our lesson this past Saturday Elder Capulac invited them to church like 5 times haha. I just can't wait to see their progress. 

 As for lessons and all that, they're going really well too! Many people were busy this week which meant a few less lessons, but it also meant more time to do contacting. It's funny, I actually like contacting now. I'm being so blessed in the language! And with that comes more confidence. It's fun talking to new people and introducing ourselves. Elder Capulac is really laid back which means I'm the one who mostly goes to the house and does the "tao po". That's like the equivalent of "anyone home?" It always starts out scary and stressful, but always ends with a good feeling even if most of the time they're not interested. Man, the blessings are just flowing. And this month is going to be another great one!  I can't believe I make 5 months on a mission tomorrow! Time really is going ridiculously fast. 

Anyway that's about it for the week I think! So many awesome things and experiences happened this week, but those are the main ones. We have a bunch of LAs, invesitgators, and referrals that we're planning to meet this week which I'm so stoked for. How are you guys mom? How's everyone preparing for Christmas? And was Fia really in a movie? Haha that is so cool! Love you guys! 
Tell U'i I said thanks for the videos and pictures!

Mahal na mahal ko kayo (by the way, if you want to say "We love you", it's mahal ka namin:) )
Elder Ishibashi

The missionaries in our district (2 districts in our zone)

District activity! The Sister Training Leaders are also a part of our district

Took pictures last night at a place in Bagabag (ZLs area). Here they usual have carnivals and stuff, but last night it was just us missionaries and a few other people walking around.

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