Monday, March 7, 2016

3-6-16 The work continues to go super well.

Kumusta po family!

 Perfect timing you guys emailed, I was just about to start my email to you guys. It's so good to hear how well Stake Conference went! And I love what Elder Nash said about sharing the yoke with Jesus Christ; I never pictured it like that. It's amazing to know that Jesus Christ, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords, is willing to bear our burdens with us. It kind of reminds me of the activity we had at the AP camp before I came out here. The activity with the water bottles. As for me, I don't like the thought that Jesus had to suffer for my wrong-doings and imperfections. But through that activity I realized that he's not only willing to bear our burdens, but it's impossible for us to be truly happy without his help. Only through Jesus Christ and his infinite help can we receive Eternal Life, which is the greatest of all the gifts of God. I'm so happy to know that you guys are trying your best to make family prayers and scripture reading a habit again! I know that that's something Heavenly Father wants, so He will provide a way. 

 I had a pretty great week as well! The work continues to go super well. Right now the whole trisome thing is a little confusing though. On Wednesday Elder Clarite wasn't feeling well again and we ended up returning to the hospital. Their ward mission leader, Brother Yuson a.k.a. Micks, stayed at the house with Elder Flores while I accompanied Elder Clarite. A couple days later when it was okay to return home, President Rahlf decided to make Micks Elder Clarite's official companion for the rest of the cycle as a part-time missionary. So now they're companions, but since Elder Clarite can't do too much while he recovers we'll still be working in his area every now and then. So things are a little confusing, but I guess that's what makes it fun haha.

 While at the hospital I was able to go on splits with elders whose area is right around the hospital. I went to work with Elder Swensen while his companion, Elder Doctolero, waited with Elder Clairte for a couple hours. I love going on splits! I enjoy working with new people and seeing how they teach and do things. Elder Swensen is from Sandy, Utah and goes home this coming July. He gave me a lot of great tips and helped me understand some words I didn't fully understand. I wish we could've worked more, but it was just for a couple hours and then we returned to the hospital. As boring as it was in the hospital, it gave me a lot of time to study and strengthen my testimony of the Book of Mormon, so for that I'm grateful. Sister Rahlf also dropped off church-approved movies to watch and she strongly suggested that I watch "Journey of Faith". If you don't know what that is, it's of  a handful of scholars and talking about Nephi & his family and their journey from Jerusalem to the Promised Land. It's actually an amazing movie! They brought the story to life. It helped me even more to know that the Book of Mormon is so true. There's no way that Joseph Smith could have written it. 

 The last thing I wanna share is just my gratitude for you dad. Since most of our lessons are to less-actives, most of them are spiritual thoughts that we feel will help them want to return to church. A scripture that we shared a lot this past week was 3 Nephi 13:31-33. It's main message is that no matter what, we need to search the kingdom of God first. Many people choose to work instead of attend church because they worry about their families. These verses say that Heavenly father knows. He knows our concerns and needs, and promises that if we just put our trust in Him and focus on Him first, these things will be added unto us. So I want to thank you dad for knowing that. I know it's not easy providing for 7 Samoans who enjoy breaking things, but I can't think of even one instance where I felt like you were putting anything before God. If that's not the reason we're so blessed spiritually and temporally, I don't know what is. And although mom doesn't work, she too has always made it known that Heavenly Father comes first. So thank you guys!

 And thanks again to the others who wrote me today! I'm so happy to have read about Ohu's spiritual growth and to know that his papers are going in tonight! And that Lehia has the board of a pro. That Hali'a is still cute and learning so many things. That mom is healing well and quickly. And U'i continues to keep me updated with her family. Thank you guys so much! I love you guys! 

Have a great week!
Elder Ishibashi

Elder Clarite was throwing up yesterday so he and Micks returned to the hospital. Today they asked that we bring his medicine (he forgot it at home). We hung out and took some pics haha. Elder Clarite is doing better by the way. His throwing up was just a bad reaction to the meds. He'll be able to return home tomorrow. 

Our zone picture from the last zone conference

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