Monday, February 29, 2016

2-28-16 Kumusta family, naimbag a malem!

Kumusta family, naimbag a malem!

 This past week was another great one! The work and everything is going so well. We have a few investigators who are on their way to entering the waters of baptism! The 2 main ones that are progressing are Lee and Ruth. Sister Lee just needs to marry her boyfriend (member) before she can be baptized, which she's totally willing to do. They're just trying to figure everything out and stuff. She has such a great understanding of the gospel and is continually searching to learn more. We asked her what she understood about Joseph Smith and his role in the Restoration the other day. I was amazed at how well she knew him and the first vision. I'm not sure when she and brother will get married, but I know that she'll be baptized soon after they do! Last Sunday while I was with Elder Clarite, Elder Flores and Elder Baclea-an went to their Alicia 1st sacrament meeting. That's where they met Ruth. Her asawa is a member, so I'm not sure how long she's been investigating the church. They got to know her and taught her later on that day. I was able to return there with Elder Flores yesterday after church and studies. Sister Ruth is also not afraid to share her thoughts and ask questions, which we love. The spirit is so much stronger in lessons when the one we're teaching opens up. I've come to realize that those who ask questions are the ones who will most likely progress. A lot of the time though these people are just too shy to ask themselves, so as a missionary and teacher I'm seeing the importance of stopping every now and then throughout the lesson to ask if they're understanding the things we're sharing. 

 After that lesson we had kind of an emergency splits. Elder Baclea-an goes home this Wednesday, so for the rest of the cycle (4 weeks left) we'll be in a tri-some. That means we'll be working in both areas! The next four weeks are gonna be crazy busy! Which we're so excited for. That's why we had splits yesterday, to become a little familiar with their area. I worked with Elder Clarite and 2 fellowshippers while Elder Flores worked with Elder Baclea-an and one fellowshipper. I love working with other missionaries and observing different ways of teaching. Elder Clarite is a great missionary. Definitely one of the "hastening" ones, which I'm sad to say there aren't a whole bunch that I've met. He even wanted to teach a quick lesson before we came here to do emails haha. That's why I'm so stoked to work with him for the rest of the cycle! I know it'll be a great help for Elder Flores too since he's still young and doesn't fully understand the deep importance of some things yet. But he is willing to work, which I'm so grateful for. And he's a huge help with the language! I'm learning so much! It's almost like an overload sometimes haha. 

 Alright we're heading out now, sorry for the short email. Know that everything continues to be great. I'm loving it here! No bad days. I hope you guys are doing well too, especially mom. Please keep Elder Clarite in your prayers too. He's doing really well but he'll be going into the hospital tomorrow for an operation. Okay love you guys! 

Ingat kayo,
Elder Ishibashi

Last picture with Elder Capulac on transfer day

Elder Flores and a sister who just came home from the Cagayan de Oro mission that night.

Splits yesterday

Zone Conference. Elder Baclea-an, Elder Clarite, and tatay!

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