Monday, February 22, 2016

2-22-16 helping an ill Elder

Hey dad! Sorry for emailing so late tonight. Yesterday while Elder Flores and I were in church we got a text from another elder in our apartment, Elder Clarite. He asked us to return home after sacrament and give him a blessing. His companion, Elder Baclea-an, was assigned to speak in their ward after ours but Elder Clarite wasn't feeling well enough to go to church, so Elder Flores and Elder Baclea-an left and I stayed home with Elder Clarite. While there Sister Rahlf called and after talking to some other people she said it was time for Elder Clarite to go to the hospital. Since Elder Baclea-an was gone I volunteered to be his companion while in the hospital. So long story short, that's where we were all today. President brought us to the mission home so we could inform you guys real quick then we're returning to Alicia. He said we can do our shopping and emails tomorrow since we weren't able to today. And don't worry about Elder Clarite, he's fine :) Back to normal already. Okay love you guys! 

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