Monday, February 1, 2016

1-31-16 Marami akong himala na tinanggap ko.

Kumusta po dad!
 Hahaha the google translate is a fail, but I understood what you were trying to say. Sobrang saya ang linggo ko! Marami akong himala na tinanggap ko. 

 Work has been going really great so far. We didn't have as many lessons as I wanted to have this week, but the ones we did went really well. On Friday I was a little bummed because we went to Salamague where we met a handful of people (last week) that said we can teach them this past week, but when we went pretty much none of them were home. The Basilios were home but this time nanay just asked that we share some other time since they were just super busy when we got there. Elder Capulac spent a while talking story with tatay before we headed out. Tatay is really opening up! We thought he was kind of a masungit kind of person, but once he got comfortable with Elder they had a fun talk about work and fishing and stuff haha. Elder Capulac is a seaman by the way. Did I ever mention too that his dad was a Patriarch? He's passed away now. Pero kaya ang lakas ng espiritu ni Elder! But anyway, so after that we tried a few houses and they weren't home. We did get to share with one investigator though before heading home. She said she'll pray to know if totoo ang mga ibinabahagi namin. I hope she remembered/remembers to ask if these things are true! Because I know that Heavenly Father will answer her. 

 Of all the days though, Saturday and Sunday were the best. On Saturday we only had one lesson, kay nanay Solita (LA). We originally wanted to visit her on Friday but she was feeling sick. It worked out perfectly though, because we only had time for one lesson before heading out to other areas for baptismal interviews, and nanay Solita is the closest house to us that we teach. Luckily she was feeling better in the morning so she said we could come by. With her we shared Alma 5:16, 
"I say unto you, can you imagine to yourselves that ye hear the voice of the Lord, saying unto you, in that day: Come unto me ye blessed, for behold, your works have been the works of righteousness upon the face of the earth?"

I can't even imagine how good that must feel, to hear those words coming from the mouth of the Lord after everything we've been through here on earth. Elder Capulac did a great job at connecting that to returning to church. It's been years since the last time nanay Solita has been to church. She's said many times that she will magsimba, but never has. And that's what made Sunday so great. NAGSIMBA SI NANAY SOLITA!! I was sooo stoked to see her at church! And not only her, but another nanay who hasn't been to church in a few months! Her case is different though, she's just been really sick lately and couldn't find the strength to magsimba. Her faith and testimony is still super strong and she reads from her Aklat ni Mormon every day. She's even reading through the Index haha. But I was so happy to see that she had the strength to go to church, even if it was just for sacrament lang. And it doesn't end there! There was a new face at church. Elder Acosta talked to him first and he said he lives in our area so I talked to him. Turns out he's a member too who hasn't been to church in a while! We found his brother's name in our Area Book but haven't been able to visit them yet. He said that we can visit them this coming Saturday! They have work and school throughout the week. Man yesterday was just an amazing day though haha. The lessons after church went great too! Heavenly Father is blessing us so much as we work harder to share the truth with his children in our area. 

 As for food, we did have dinner at the Galicia's house again but sister said they forgot to get something exotic for us to eat. I was sooo happy oh my gosh haha. I just need to endure one more dinner with them before transfer day haha. Transfer day is next Wednesday! And I make 7 months as a missionary next Monday. Time is going be sooo quiiickk. Elder Capulac said President Rahlf doesn't keep missionaries in their first areas for more than 4 cycles, so ayon sa kanya, I'll for sure be transferring. Again, it's a bittersweet feeling haha. By my next email I'll know for sure!

 Thank you so much dad and Ohu guys for watching over mom. I just read her email. Thank you mom for being so strong! Know that I pray for you guys everyday. And it's good to know that Ohu's getting better at driving hahah. And man I'm soooo stoked to hear that his papers are almost in!! You have nooo idea how amazing the mission is Ohu. Thank you for preparing yourself the right way to serve! 

 Alright we need to go. Sorry to those I wasn't able to reply to today, but thank you for the emails! Love you guys! Hope you guys have a great week too :)

Elder Ishibashi

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