Monday, March 14, 2016

3-13-16 I myself have been strengthened

Magandang Hapon po! 

 This past week actually went by super quick, but it was another great one of course. Micks needed to do some things at home Monday night so I decided to stay the night with Elder Clarite. We returned home from the hospital around lunch time on Tuesday. Sister Rahlf told Elder Clarite that he needed to rest for a couple days so Elder Flores stayed home with him Tuesday and Wednesday while Micks and I went out. Those 2 days were like the hottest I've felt so far in the Philippines haha. The heat was torture, but work itself went really well. Micks is a great teacher and missionary. He wanted to serve a mission but some things happened and by the time everything was ready to be turned in, he was over-age. Maybe it was all a part of God's plan so that he could stay here and become a part-time missionary with us.

 We didn't have any crazy, stand-out lessons again this week, but I'm happy to say that our investigators are progressing! I think I mentioned Lee & Michael before. They're both investigators and are both so willing to learn more and ask questions. Lee's siblings were converted last year. The only reason Lee & Michael haven't been baptized yet is because they're not married. But I spoke to Lee about it and she said they'll try to get married soon so I can be here for the baptism! I guess they just have some obstacles to get through first. We were also finally able to visit Joselyn again! It must've been like a month by now. She's the one who actually asked her friend Sis. Soriano, our bishop's wife, to have missionary discussions. We haven't been able to visit her for a while since she's super busy every day. I asked Sis. Soriano about her multiple times, and she said she wanted to get rid of some habits before having us teach her again. On Thursday Elder Flores and I were looking for the house of a less-active member. We stopped at the house/workplace of Joselyn just because we saw a guy there and wanted to ask for directions. While talking to him she came out and we talked for a bit. She said we could teach her the following day! We got to visit her on Friday and share a quick message about the Book of Mormon since that's what she wanted to know about. We dropped a Book of Mormon off at her house on Saturday. We're sooo hoping she reads it and finds out for herself that it's true. Once you know the Book of Mormon is true, it makes it easier to believe that everything else we teach and learn in this church is true. 

 I myself have been strengthened so much in my testimony of the Book of Mormon this past week. I told you guys about the "power read" right? Everyone in the mission is doing it. We were all given our own Book of Mormon and we're supposed to read about 9-11 pages a day, depending on the assigned chapters we're supposed to read per day. While reading we're supposed to mark certain things, like every time it mentions Christ, his ministry, life, his direct quotes, etc. The goal is for everyone to finish the Book of Mormon by April 15, where a special guest will speak to us and we'll have a discussion about the "power read". I forget who will visit us, sorry. But man, so this past week I spent a lot of time doing my "power read". It's amazing how many things stand out to me now! So many things I don't remember at all the last time I read through the Book of Mormon. I'm learning so much, and I know Heavenly Father's blessing me in our lessons because of doing the power read. A few times we were asked questions this week and I could say, "I just read something this morning about that!" The blessings are super cool, and I know that the power read idea was inspired by God. 

 Anyway, that's about it for the week. How are you guys? I heard Ohu's papers are officially in!! Soooo stoked! How are you mom? Hey a member near our apartment told me she served with a sister from La'ie in the Cebu mission I think. Do you know a Nele Leitaua? The member is trying to find her on facebook haha. Alright, love you guys! 

Mahal ko po kayo,
Elder Ishibashi 

On Saturday we had a CSP. They said it was a lot of work so we invited other missionaries in our zone.

After the CSP


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