Monday, March 21, 2016

3-20-16 kumusta po!

Aye dad, kumusta po!

 Did you send an email last week? I didn't receive anything. Thank you for emailing me today though, and sorry that you had to do it so early. I understand if you're just too busy to email sometimes, no worries. Eh thanks for the pictures too! I'm stoked to see more pictures of Lehia surfing. And I love the gift from Aunty Jo them! That is beautiful. Where is that though? Haha. And that's crazy to hear about Ketter and Yasmine! Congrats! Sheesh so many things are going on right now, how exciting. 

 I had another great week! This past one actually went by ridiculously quick too. The first big thing that happened was splits. I got to work with Elder Kane again! Like I mentioned before, his companion, Elder Reyes, is our district leader. Elder Reyes said he likes to do splits often just to keep up with how everything's going in his district. Our splits began on Tuesday after District meeting until Friday morning just before Weekly Planning. Man, I enjoy working with Elder Kane. You can just tell by his countenance that he's a good, obedient missionary. And because of that work is just awesome. It's almost impossible to not feel the spirit with him, in the lessons and at home. Elder Kane is going places! Jones is also a great place to work in. The members are sooo nice and supportive in the work. On Thursday we had a member, tatay Respicio, work with us and he took us to teach some referrals he had. He was a huge help in our lessons and is not afraid to share the gospel which is awesome. He also has a sweet slingshot that says "God is Love" on one side and "Come Follow Me" on the other hahaha. Tatay is a character. 

 Splits was really nice, and it was nice coming home again to my own companion. I don't think I give Elder Flores as much credit as I should. He's a great missionary. I still have a problem with talking to everyone, but that's one of his strengths. The day I came back to our area we got 2 new investigators, thanks to Elder. He's really good at bringing up the Gospel to people, and a lot of people feel comfortable with him because he's Ilocano. Next Wednesday is transfer day so there's a chance that he'll leave, which is sad. There's a chance that he'll be here for one more cycle though, so that's what we're hoping for!

 On Saturday we had a CSP at the house of a soon-to-be-member (baptized later on that day) in the Alicia 1st ward. We're in Alicia 3rd, but the Alicia 1st sisters are in our missionary district so we were able to go. Elder Flores really didn't want to go because there's been some unnecessary drama going on lately with some missionaries, but they said they really needed us so we went. It was a good thing we did too, the CSP was helping someone move to another house in the back of this one. They did most of the stuff themselves before we got there, they just needed us missionaries to help with the really heavy things. After that they gave us lunch which was nice. 

 Today naman, we had a zone activity. A couple weeks ago the zone leaders asked if we wanted to visit a place called Magat Dam for our zone activity or if we just wanted to do games and stuff at the stake center. Obviously majority of us chose Magat Dam and so that was the plan and we were all excited for it. Then just yesterday the zone leaders told us we weren't able to go to Magat Dam anymore and that we'll just do stuff at the church. We were a little disappointed but it turned out to be really fun anyway. We had a couple games in the cultural hall and then sports outside. 

 But anyway, that's pretty much it for the past week. Man I feel like there was a cool experience I wanted to share but I can't remember it right now...sorry. Aye and tell Ohu I said Happy Birthday!! 19 na yeee. I know it's in a few days but I figure better to be early than late. Kumusta po kayo dad? Kumusta po si mom? Sila U'i? Hope everything is going great. Love you guys!

Hanggang sa susunod na linggo,
Elder Ishibashi

While working with Tatay Respicio on Thursday

After our CSP

Sunset in Jones

FHE kagabi (last night). We played a game called "Dwee-Dow" and the losers got marked with charcoal haha

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