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10-9-16 Naimbag a malem!

Naimbag a malem!

 Thanks for the email dad! I couldn't help but laugh at what happened with Lehia haha. What a soldier! Only he would stick his hand in sketchy places to catch a single fish. That'll be a crazy good skill when applied to missionary work: not being afraid to go through sketchy situations to save even just one soul. That's the mentality the sons of Mosiah had, and they're blessings overflowed. I got a letter this week from a couple in my second area giving thanks for helping them enter the waters of baptism and some other things. It really was the coolest, most edifying feeling. I also admire Lehia big time for his decision to not continue reading that book. Great example of President Monson's "Dare to Stand Alone" talk. Keep it up Lehia! I know Kala'i them are doing great too and I'm so grateful for their examples as well. It's so weird that there's only 3 of them at home now haha. 

 Elder Labrador & I had another memorial week! Vinalyn was finally baptized! I bumped her head while baptizing her so she'll always remember that about her baptism...but there's nothing to be done now haha. She forgave me easily and just teases me about it. Of the whole week we only had the equivalent of about 2 and a half days of work here in Bambang, but we made the most of it. On Tuesday we had a couple hours of work before heading over to sleep over in Bagabag! The plan given by the Assistants was to sleep over in Bagabag and then Elder Hilbun & I would take a bus early Wednesday morning to Cauayan to get our Philippines Driver's License. It was pretty cool being in Bagabag again, but I don't like sleeping there anymore haha. 

 Plans changed when we were already there and Elder Hilbun & I were told to just head over after studies and lunch. We got to the mission home and just went on splits with the office elders. I got to work with Elder Warren again which was pretty cool. I really enjoyed our first lesson, which was with an American! Brother Jack, from Kansas. He believes in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father but really wants to be able to say that he "knows" they exist. He has strong faith and a huge willingness to do whatever it takes to have a personal relationship with God. He was excited to watch General Conference this past weekend, so I hope he made it and was touched by the Spirit.

 Elder Hilbun & I ended up getting our Driver's License Thursday morning before MLC. What's funny is we didn't even drive and Elder Hilbun's American license was expired but we passed anyway haha. MLC was super awesome and uplifting as well. We're super excited for the Mission Tour coming up next week with Elder Schmutz, who actually spoke in the Sunday Afternoon Session!

General Conference was probably the highlight of the week (aside from Vinalyn's baptism). I learned so many great things! I have a firm testimony that everyone who spoke in General Conference are called of God and were inspired to share everything that they did. Something that made this General Conference really memorable was actually something that happened before the Sunday MorningSession even started. It's a long story, but it was exactly what I needed to be prepared spiritually to listen to our leaders speak in Conference. I learned that I still have a lot to work on when it comes to humility, and that through humility we can become more Christlike.

 Overall everything continues to be really great! I realized this week how much I enjoy working with Elder Labrador. He's a great, great missionary & companion. I hope you guys continue to progress in everything, especially the gospel. Love you guys!

Elder Ishibashi

Baptism ni Vinalyn

Sister Susan (green) returned and even brought her friend Maria (stripes)!

District Activity this morning

I don't even know sometimes haha

Thought Lehia would appreciate this one

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