Monday, October 17, 2016

10-17-16 I have been so blessed today

Kumusta po family!

 Man, thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes! Today was actually such a super great day. It just so happened that we planned to go to Banaue on this day! It was pretty crazy and stressful planning the trip because of the storm and a group of other missionaries coming along with us, but it all worked out and was all worth it. We got up this morning and had a great breakfast at McDonalds in Solano, where Elder Labrador treated me. Some from the other group of missionaries were there waiting and they greeted me with "Happy birthday!". They even surprised me with a nice tie they bought! The ride to and from Banaue was great since most of the other group are my closer friends outside of Bambang zone. And Banaue itself, of course, was awesome! The clouds were passing through the terraces the whole time we were there so the view wasn't as clear as usual, but it kept the weather cold which was perfect since the hike was death. Like even worse than the past few times. Still worth it though haha. I figured this was my last time ever visiting Banaue so I probably blew like 2000 pesos on souvenirs and things haha, I'm stoked. Before heading back to Bambang we had lunch in Solano and they surprised me with a birthday cake! What's crazy too is some members made me and Elder Labrador our own little personal cakes a couple days ago, and on our way back to Bambang today another texted us and said to drop by their house later on to pick up a cake they bought for me. We also have a dinner later on...I'm actually hoping there's no cake haha. I told Elder Labrador I wanted a simple birthday but somehow a bunch of people found out and did so much to make sure I had a good day. And I did. And your emails just made it that much better. Know that I have been so blessed today; this actually may have been my best birthday so far. I love you guys!

 As for the storm this past weekend, it really wasn't too bad :) The power went out on Saturday night and the winds and rain got crazy strong, too loud for us to be able to sleep. We were super blessed to have nothing dangerous at all happen to our missionaries here, although some homes were destroyed because of the storm. Our electricity was back on by the time we got home today, which we were really grateful for. I actually hope the members see what happened as a learning opportunity and humble themselves in being more obedient to the Lord in all things. Hopefully we'll also have some opportunities to do service this week. We also received a text earlier today that another, bigger storm is coming in this week. It will hit the more northern part of the mission, but we may be affected by it as well because of it's strength. Please pray for us and especially them!

 Sorry, the connection is really slow so I won't be able to send any pictures. We also got back a lot later than usual today so this email is just a quick one. Sorry to those who wrote me, I'll reply next week for sure! Elder Labrador & I continue to have a strong, healthy companionship and many, many great things are happening. We're slowly finding more people to teach and getting blessed with more progressing investigators! I can't believe that it's transfer day already next week! By my next email I'll know if Elder Labrador is transferring out or if I am. President Hiatt is super unpredictable so we have no idea haha, it's fun though. I love you guys! Have a great week, and thank you again so much for the birthday wishes!

Mahal na mahal ko po kayo,
Elder Ishibashi

Sweet one picture was able to load. Love you guys!

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