Monday, October 3, 2016

10-02-16 Kumusta po family!

Kumusta po family!

 First off, my heart is so full of gratitude for what happened to Herb. I tear up a little imagining the car rolling and getting just 10 feet from the edge. And to imagine that this happened to Herb, someone so kind and innocent. It makes me think of the Savior, the greatest, kindest, most innocent person having to suffer the worst pain. I hope this doesn't make Herb feel uncomfortable haha, but thank you. His experience makes me more grateful for the Atonement. It also strengthens my testimony that there is a God and that He knows and loves us all so much. And hey congratulations on being enagaged! I'm super stoked for you guys and will write down the date on my calendar at home. As for the others, you guys are looking good! Keep it up with exercising and stuff! Lehia, you're probably the coolest person I know haha. And miss you pretty girl :) Also good luck to Kala'i in getting back into Kamehameha! 

 Elder Labrador & I had a super great week as well. We actually got more lessons than we did last week! It's a cool feeling, but I will admit sometimes I focused a little more on getting a lesson than actually inviting someone to come unto Christ. I'll be more aware of working with the Spirit this week. A lot of things will be going on this week as well so hopefully we'll still have some good work. 

 You guys remember me mentioning Princess last week? We visted her that night and she's awesome! The only stumbling block right now is that Monday is her only day-off, which means she wouldn't be able to go to church even if she wanted to. We'll visit her later on today and hopefully find a way for her to be able to progress. Two other great investigators we have with stumbling blocks are tatay Tony and Julicell (Vinalyn's older sister). Tatay also works too often to be able to make it to church and Julicell isn't yet married. We're trying to find ways to help them overcome these things, but maybe it's just not yet the right timing of the Lord. Hopefully soon though! Haha.

  As for Ayesha, everything worked out and she was baptized this past Saturday! I had the privilege of performing the baptism and Elder Labrador confirmed her the next day. She's awesome and we're excited. Vinalyn will follow and be baptized this coming Saturday! We'll also watch General Conference this coming Saturdayand Sunday which I'm crazy excited for. 

 Alright sorry, we really don't have much time today. Of all the week I'd have to say the best thing that happened was S. Susan coming to church yesterday! We have been working so hard with this sister for a while now and I knew that her desire to return to church was there, but she just could not get over the fear of what others might think. What also doesn't help is having a less-active husband who seems to not care at all how important the gospel is. They haven't been to church long enough for even their firstborn, Mae Pearl, to be baptized. She's now 15 and we've been teaching her for a while as well. Last Sunday s. Susan promised to go to church but at church Mae Pearl said that her mom said she's not yet ready.On Friday I worked with Elder Andaya and we visited her and those who were home listened as well. We shared Alma 34:32-33 with her and explained the importance of making the decision NOW. If not now, when? We never know when we'll leave this world, and if we'll wait it out until that time comes, it'll be too late. I also shared that experience at Hapuna where I almost died, which is an experience I share a lot. At that moment the absolute first thing I did was repent haha. There's no such thing as death-bed repentance, God doesn't work that way. But yup so s. Susan was actually at the church already when we got there and I almost cried of happiness. My face hurt later on because my smile was so dumb and big haha. She finally made that huge step of coming back to church, and now it'll just get easier and easier and they'll be more blessed! This Goespel is the best.

 I love you guys so much! And thanks for sending 'Ohu's email dad. Not gonna lie I'm pretty nervous now since this Wednesday I'll be going to Cauayan to get a Driver's License haha. I'll be super careful and pray hard that everything will be okay. I hope you guys have another great, blessing-filled week! And be more safe!

Mahal na mahal ko po kayo,
Elder Ishibashi

Splits with Elder Oredson. Took this picture right at the back of Vinalyn's little compound of houses! 

Baptism ni Ayesha. She's a character too haha

Went back up to the cross this morning

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