Saturday, August 8, 2015

8-8-15 sooobrang masaya

Kumusta dad! 

Man it makes me sooobrang masaya to hear that Heavenly Father is continuing to bless my family! I'm so glad that you guys are doing well and that the storm never hit! How awesome is that! And thank you so much for being such a great patriarch for our family, dad. I'm so grateful that 'ohu was able to be with you as you exercise your priesthood power in so many ways. Well, we're really trying to have exact obedience this week, so I only have an hour to reply to as many people as can. But thank you for the email! 

Kala'i is such a beast! I'm stoked to see how big he is throughout our skype calls and especially when I get home.

Poor thing Lehia hahaha. If I were home I'd probably call him diddy kong haha
I'm glad everyone else is doing great too!

My week has been pretty great! The language is coming along. My district actually decided to have an English fast today so we're trying our best to speak only Tagalog all day, besides when we go to the temple. Mahirap! But I know it will help us, especially when it comes to lessons and things like that. We had a TRC activity on Thursday where we actually skyped someone in the Philippines and taught a short lesson! Luckily they're all LDS so it wasn't too bad, but we definitely have a bunch of things to work on. We have another chance next Thursday, so I'm excited for that. 

The Lord saw fit that I be a zone leader along with Elder Warren, so we are over one zone and there are 2 leaders over another zone. I love our zone! And I hope that they can see me as an example and someone to look up to (even though I'm probably like the 3rd shortest Elder in the zone haha). This is the first time that our branch had to break into 2 zones. We're growing so quickly and abundantly! In 2 weeks there will be a little over 40 new missionaries coming into our branch! I'm so excited to meet them and see who else was called to Cauayan. I gotta get to the other emails now. The pictures I'm sending are with the elders who left this past week to the Philippines. 

Anyway, that's pretty much it I think. I'll try better to write down things that stick out throughout the week so I can share them in my emails.

Oh! And Russell M. Nelson spoke to us on Tuesday night! It was so awesome! You could feel the power of the spirit that he has with him. They said this was his first talk as the new President of the 12 apostles.

Love you dad! Tell everyone I love them! Ingat po

Elder Ishibashi
From Left to right: Elder Hofeling, me, Elder Howard

From Left to right: Elder Davis, me, Elder Lance, and Elder Smith. The 2 Elders on each side of me in both of these pictures, all left to the Philippines this past week. Elder Smith is one of the zone leaders for the other zone, he just wanted to jump in the picture haha. These elders are super good examples! They'll do amazing things in the Philippines.

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