Saturday, August 15, 2015

8-15-2015 We're leaving [for the Phillipines] in less than a week.

Kumusta dad!

Ayos ako! Kumusta po kayo? Kumusta po ang pamilya? It's so good to hear that these storms keep dying down. Man, the time here is going by sooo quickly! It's a really bitter-sweet feeling that we're leaving in less than a week. I would say I'm all of the above [this statement was in response to my question, "Are you excited? Nervous? Scared? Faithful? All of the above?"], haha. This week I've been really missing you guys and Hawaii, but I know and remind myself constantly that this is where I need to be.

Yeah, it's been a great experience being a zone leader! I'll be released tomorrow and more will be called. There was a lot to do as zone leaders, but I know that through this work I was able to grow as a missionary and person. I'm also so grateful for Elder Warren's companionship and his great leadership. 

Hey dad, do you remember the first day you came into the MTC? They do a workshop thing at night where they split up all the new missionaries into groups and put them into rooms. The moderator introduces an "investigator" and two missionaries come in and start a conversation with them. Once the conversation starts going into the gospel, the moderator pauses them, the missionaries leave, and the new ones get to ask her questions and talk to her, trying to help her understand the truthfulness of our church and gospel. Do you remember that? Our district had the awesome privilege of being those missionaries! We went into different rooms as companionships. Elder Bice and I met 2 women, Olivia and Barbara, and they were both super sweet. Like I said, we didn't get to talk much about the gospel since that was the new missionaries' job, but the spirit was still really strong when talking to and trying to get to know them well. It's super important to be a friend before talking about the gospel. 

But anyway, I'm so happy for Herbert! [New calling, 7-1 girl/boy ratio @ BYU-HawaiĘ»i, lol]. He better not be single when I get back haha. I'm excited for him and know that he'll make the right decision when it comes down to marriage. It's great knowing that 'Ohu's still moving forward [preparing for his mission] and working hard! And Kala'i! That's so awesome! [top of his Math class] Please let him know that I'm crazy proud of him! And man, tell Lehia to be careful! But also continue surfing haha, I wanna see him shredding it up when I get home. Also, tell Hali'a I love and miss her please. 

Love you guys!

One of our teachers: Elder Kovach

The field  

sand volleyball

I passed a journal I bought around to the rooms and an elder from my intake, Elder Hilbun, drew this hahaha. He's going to Cauayan too so I'll hopefully see him there!

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