Saturday, August 22, 2015

8-21-2015 We're finally here!

Kumusta mom! 
We're finally here! Sorry for not being able to call in Japan, we ended up not having a lot of time. We have a short time to email right now; they said we'll have another day to email later. But they said we could email now to let you guys know that we're okay. 
We arrived at around 10 last night. The flight wasn't too bad; I got a few hours of sleep throughout the whole travel. I'm so excited to be here! This MTC is way different from the Provo one. This one is super small, it's humbling. The feeling is a little different but the Spirit is just as strong here. So far we just had breakfast (which was reaaally masarap [tasty]) and a small orientation thing. And we're going proselyting later on! I'm super nervous, but excited at the same time. 
Anyway, just wanted to let you know again that everything went well and we're safe and being well taken cared of. 
Mahal ko po kayo!

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