Saturday, July 25, 2015

7-25-15 Magandang umaga

Magandang umaga dad! (Good/beautiful morning)

Mabuti ako! Kumusta po kayo? Kumusta po ang pamiliya? This language is so fun! We're learning so much in such little time every day. I memorized "My Purpose" in Tagalog yesterday and it's so cool that I actually know what it means now! It goes like this:

Imbitahin ang iba na lumapit kay Cristo sa pagtulong sa kanila na matanggap ang ibinalik na ebanghelyo sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya kay Jesucristo at sa Kanyang Pagbabayad-sala, pagsisisi, binyag, pagtanggap ng kaloob na Espiritu Santo, at pagtitiis hanggang wakas. 

I'm so proud of the boys for doing doing all of that for grandma! And I'm so happy the party was a success. That's AMAZING that Kaimi saw his grandpa in the video! What a super super cool and spiritual experience it must've been. I can't wait to see pics and videos on everything. I got the pics you sent this time! Thank you so much, I love them! I miss everyone so much. 

Alright my kasama (companion) is pau with his emails so I have to go pretty soon. But I wanted to talk about two quick experiences that happened this week. First off, a sister in our District wanted a blessing and asked me if I would give it. I don't remember everything I said, but there was a beautiful, peaceful feeling for me as I gave it. I was so honored that she asked me and I hope she benefited from it. There have been so many confirmations lately that I'm here at the exact time I'm supposed to be here. The next thing happened afterwards when I got up to my room. I opened my closet and found three neckties in there with an anonymous note attached to it by a string. I wish I had the note with me to write exactly what it said, but it's in my journal so I'll show you guys later. Anyway it said basically said that they just wanted to do something nice for me and they're not looking for a thank you or anything. If I want to do something, just do something nice for someone else (pay it forward). I'm so grateful for my roommates and I love them. Okay I'm taking too long so I have to go. Love you guys! Thanks for the pictures!

Elder Ishibashi

Elder Lopez from Waipahu

Provo Temple

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