Saturday, July 11, 2015

7-11-2015 First Letter From the MTC!

Dad! Kumusta!

Man the MTC is so awesome! I'm loving it here! The spirit is so strong and I love being in an environment where everyone is on the same level and has the desire to serve the Lord on a full-time basis. The MTC is smaller and less packed than I was expecting, which is a good thing, haha. But man, everything is going great. I have an obsession with the language; it's difficult but so fun to learn. A boy who's learning Russian showed us a little of what he's learning, and it made me so grateful that I'm only learning Tagalog haha. Huge props to Russian-speaking elders. But anyway, we're learning how to pray and bear our testimonies in Tagalog already! We even had our first lesson in Tagalog! That was really hard because we could understand what Beth, the "investigator", was asking us, but our Tagalog isn't good enough to answer her yet. Luckily she's just acting as an investigator and she's super sweet so it wasn't too bad. 

I have the coolest district in the world. We have Sister Stromberg, Sister Burton, Elder Kloepfer (DL), Elder Jensen, Elder Warren, Elder Perkins, me, and guess who my companion is? Elder Bice! Everyone thinks it's so crazy when we tell them that we actually met in the Kona temple before entering the mission field. He's a great companion, hard worker, and is very persistent in remembering to pray whenever we need to. The other Elders and Sisters in our district are super cool too; it was so easy feeling at home with them. My teacher, Brother Glenn, is also great. He makes class fun and keeps the spirit at the same time. 

The first day was pretty hectic and everything was happening so fast, but it was pretty easy getting used to it. The elder who helped me when I first got dropped will be serving in Laie speaking Samoan! And I met a sister who has family from Laie, but I forget the last name (sorry). I also saw another girl that I met at the Holomua program at BYUH, but I haven't talked to her yet. I see a handful of polys here, none of them going to the Philippines though.

The food is 'oooono haha. The donuts here are way better than Safeway donuts. And what's good is the food is really filling so I don't eat too much. The Elders in my room/district also like to stay fit and healthy so we all do push ups in the room and pull ups right outside our door haha. It's aiyos(great)! Today is our first P day so we'll be going to play kickball with the zone pretty soon and hopefully go to the fitness center later on. Yesterday we had some gym time but instead watched Elder Boyd K. Packer's funeral service. It was a really good service and I liked the messages and analogies shared. 

Well Elder Bice is finished with his emailing so I'm going to reply to the other emails real quick and head out. But I love and miss you guys! 

Talk to you next week!

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