Saturday, July 18, 2015

7-18-2015 Man I love it here!

Kumusta dad! 

How's everyone at home? Thank you for your email. My testimony has been strengthened so much since I've been here. I know that I'm here at the perfect time for me, and that Elder Bice and my district members are people that Heavenly Father wanted me to meet and learn from. 

I'm so grateful for my district and zone. We've gotten so close already. The classes and language are going well. I love that I have so much time to familiarize myself with the Book of Mormon, and I've been reading from the bible lately about the ministry of Christ. I know that my district leader was called of God. The spirit is so strong with him as well as the others in my district. 

Man I love it here! Let me know how everyone's doing at home please. How's the surfing/bodyboarding? What's ohu been up to? Is Herb ready to leave to BYUH? How's u'i guys? I miss them and seeing Jeremias and Fia so often. How's Hali'a? You and mom? I miss you guys. Ingat po! (take care)

Oh I almost forgot! Aitana Alapa is coming into our zone next week! I think that's the girl you told me about. We got 2 papers with pictures of the elders and sisters coming in next week, and I saw her on there. So exciting! I also met an elder in our residence building from La'ie. You know any Tofas? It was either that or Tafo. I'm seeing more and more polys here. Also, I have a "fun" fact for Kala'i guys. I learned that the eewoks on Star Wars speak Tagalog haha. A teacher told us when they see princess Leya or something they say "Maganda" which means beautiful in Tagalog. They say some other things but I forget what it was. But anyway that's all I think. Love you guys! Ingat po

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