Sunday, March 5, 2017

3-5-17 Charity is meant for all, and it "never faileth".

Kumusta po!

 Thank you for your emails and pictures sent! Has jogger pants suddenly become big in the US? I bought a few here as well haha. Diggin' Lehia's shoes. Pretty sure Kala'i's heavier than me now. Jeremias & Fia are the cutest. Herbert & Jazamins picture is literally the best hahaha. I miss you guys! Although the thought that I'll be home 4 months from yesterday is ridiculous. 

 This past week wasn't as "unforgettable" as the week before, but it was still another great one. We're on a new planner and I didn't bring my last one so I'll probably forget to mention some things in this email. Last Monday we learned that Elder Fernandez was leaving our tri-some and transferring to Santiago zone. On Tuesday we worked in Simimbaan since that was his favorite area and we had a pretty good day of work. He worked with Elder Claudio since E. Claudio's companion went home that morning (the missionaries on their way home will go to the mission office the day before transfer day and stay there until they leave), and E. Doctolero and I worked together. 

 An experience that stood out to me happened while we took some time to look for new people to teach. While walking we noticed a drunk tatay ahead of us who was struggling to stay up on his feet. We laughed and even filmed him for a while as he turned the corner and stumbled until he couldn't go any further, then decided to lie down right there on the dirt road. We almost left him to worry about himself, until a thought came to my mind that said, "What kind of missionary are you to not help him?" We returned to him, lifted him up, and walked with him. I realized as we spoke with him that I've met him before. We share messages with his wife every now and then who's a less-active member, and tatay himself is less-active as well. I immediately felt horrible that I treated him the way I did, to laugh at and almost not help him. And then I realized how picky I am when it comes to being kind. I learned from that experience and from something I read a couple days ago that charity is meant for all, and it "never faileth". Christ was never picky with those He served and loved. I'm trying hard to have good feelings towards everyone and not see them for their weaknesses or shortcomings. Christ doesn't see us for those things. How can we expect to return to/be like Him someday when we're not trying to do so here? 

 It was a bittersweet moment saying goodbye to Elder Fernandez on Wednesday, but I enjoy being in a normal companionship again. Things have gotten a little easier and less stressful haha. Not gonna lie though I miss Elder Fernandez's teaching and communication skills with everyone. Now E. Doctolero and I will have to bring that same excitement that he did everywhere. 

 We got a few new missionaries in our zone, including a Sister Pace from Utah who's fresh out of the MTC. She got sick while in Manila so we gave her a blessing and have gotten to know her over the past few days. She has a grandfather who was once in the first quorum of the Seventy. Another elder in our zone's grandfather was, back in the day, assistant to the 12 apostles! We have a powerful zone here and E. Doctolero and I are expecting some great things.

 On Thursday we had MLC, and this one was my favorite so far. Everything that was shared and will be taught by us to our zones are things that I have strong testimonies on. We'll be teaching about how we separate ourselves from God (but not His love) because of disobedience and how we can feel His love for us. A great scripture they shared is Rom. 8:35-39, which talks about how nothing can ever separate us from God's love. We'll also teach about "praying with faith/as an agent" which is something I've been putting much thought into lately and trying to apply to myself. I'm excited to share these things with our zone tomorrow!

 We had interviews with President & Sister Hiatt on Friday and that was really cool too as usual. They're both so great and inspired. 

 Alright we're on our way out. The last big thing that happened last week was the baptism of Nanay Teresita and Mariel! They have been taught for a long time now and finally entered the waters of baptism.

 Thank you guys again for the emails, keep them coming! 

 Love you guys!
 Elder Ishibashi


Mariel & Nanay Teresita :)

President & Sister Jones, probably my favorite senior couple of all time

Check out this butterfly! Elder Doctolero said they're pretty rare

Too beautiful to not share

Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

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