Monday, March 13, 2017

3-12-17 13 new investigators

Kumusta po family!

 This past week also wasn't crazy eventful, but of course it was still great. Something that stood out to me throughout the week was that I'm actually really enjoying the work. I feel like knowing that I now have a plan for when I get home and seeing how much Heavenly Father has blessed me, I've just been happier and am trying even harder to make the best use of the few months I have left here. I realized that it's kind of the same with all of us knowing that there is more after this life. We are so blessed to know God's plan for us and what will happen when our life here on Earth comes to an end. We know that someday we will stand before God and account to what we did here. If we keep that in mind we will be motivated to make more right choices, and in turn be happier and use our time here on Earth more wisely.

 Elder Doctolero & I are still going strong on setting time each day to find new people to teach. One of our companionship goals is to get at least one new investigator each day. We've received some great blessings because of that goal! Last week we got a total of 13 new investigators, and a few of them have great potential to progress. Even if most of them lose interest, it feels good that E. Doctolero & I are doing our part in sharing the gospel with them and giving them the opportunity to use their own free agency. I'm so grateful for Elder Bednar and the things he shared about free agency. Since then I've been less afraid to be bold with people we teach. In order for someone to truly exercise free agency, they need to know the outcome for each choice they make. President Hiatt explained it with a 20 peso bill and a 1000 peso bill. He had one hand over each after mixing them up and told me to choose. The hand I chose had the 20 bill underneath. Most of us, he said, would think that's free agency because we chose. But that's not what free agency means. We as missionaries need to help people understand that this gospel, if accepted and lived, will save them, and that if not accepted or lived, they won't be saved. Now they can use their freedom to choose if they want to accept it or not. 

 The Jones came by this past week for a surprise apartment check. They left to Manila this morning :/ I'll miss them a lot. They dropped off grandma's letter though; tell her I said I got it and loved it please. And tell her I love her :) Also. stop sending money! But of course I appreciated it and will use it for good haha. 

 Oh another cool thing before we head out! I spoke with an Indian! Haha. There are a lot of them here in the Philippines but I haven't ever spoken with one before. While teaching this one nanay the other day one drove in on his motorcycle to do some business with nanay. She told him to come back later (he spoke Tagalog) but he just sat there and waited for us to finish haha. After finishing we got to talk about religion with him for a bit and then I brought out the things Elder Ishibashi (Fiji) taught me in Indian. He was right, the Indian this guy taught me was a little different because in Fiji it's kind of mixed. But it was pretty similar. Overall it was just a cool experience and made me miss Elder Ishibashi in Fiji. Not gonna lie though it'll make my life if he comes home with that accent. The best.

 Another cool thing I've been doing lately is reading from one of Gordon B. Hinckley's books, "Truth Restored". I think back in the day it was one of the Missionary Library books along with Our Heritage, Our Search for Happiness, etc., but not anymore. It talks about the history of the church like that other book I used to read from. I don't know why but I love reading about the history of the church! I wish I knew these things when I was with uncle Keenan them before entering the MTC. The next time I go to Utah it will be a whole different experience. The "mormon pioneers" went through so much to get the church to Salt Lake City. It's amazing the things they suffered, learned, the miracles that happened, etc. There's no reason they'd do all this, but the fact that this church is true.

 I love you guys! Have a great week!
Elder Ishibashi

Zone Picture

"J.R." & Riden, 2 investigators, went out rat-hunting in the bukid and got this!


I swear every insect is bigger in the Philippines.

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