Monday, May 16, 2016

5-15-16 Maika'i loa wau!

Kumusta po dad!

 Maika'i loa wau! We had a great couple of weeks. They went by so quickly though, I'm not sure what to tell you guys about haha. Everything is just going so well here in Alicia. I guess one big thing that happened since my last email was baptisms! They weren't our investigators but the sister missionaries who taught them are in my district, so I was able to interview them in preparation for baptism. This was my first time doing a baptismal interview, and I did it 4 times in one day haha. One was with 2 little kids and the other 3 were with another family. There are 4 of them in the family but the sisters decided that the younger sibling wasn't yet ready to be baptized. So I interviewed the mom, son, then father. They were all so ready! I asked them to share their conversion story with me and it was awesome. They've been searching for the right church for a really long time and brother eventually asked his member friend to send some missionaries over to his house. The rest is history. They had a coffee mill but so easily gave it up when they learned about the Word of Wisdom. They were so willing to change and follow everything taught to them. After the interview this brother drove us back to our area, but first took us to a friend's house here and introduced us. He invited this friend to allow us to teach him about the Gospel and he accepted! We tried frequently last week to get a hold of him and finally caught him yesterday. He was a little busy but said we can return this coming Sunday and share a message! I'll let you guys know how it went next week.

 On the topic of baptism, we have one this coming Saturday! Sister Charlyn Bucatora. Not gonna lie I was a little worried last week when we kept asking questions and she just couldn't remember some things even after learning it multiple times. I was even more bummed when we got to church yesterday and I didn't see her. I was so happy to see her in our gospel principles class though! And we were blessed that the topic was on Tithing and Fast-Offerings since that's something we haven't taught her yet. When we visited her later on after church she remembered everything from class and said she read the pamphlets we gave her the day before. She even said that she actually got to church at 6! She was the very first person at church. I felt bad that she had to wait so long for the gates to open (around 8-8:15), but I was amazed at how faithful she is! She comes to church on her own since her parents aren't members. There are so many members right around the church who still get there late. Charlyn is just so ready to be baptized; I'm so excited to see it finally happen this Saturday. 

 Overall, I'm just loving it here. Elder Umpat is such a great missionary and companion. I feel bad sometimes that he got stuck with me as his first companion haha. I'm learning so much from him and want to be a better missionary because of him. We're finding more people to teach and I feel the members' trust in us building. Sorry, no crazy stories these past couple of weeks. Just know that everything is great and the blessings never cease to flow. Oh also, happy birthday in advance Herbert! Love you! Love you guys :) 

Elder Ishibashi

Alicia District

Lot of lightning the past few days

May 7, 2016

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