Monday, May 2, 2016

5-1-16- the Book of Mormon

Naimbag nga aldaw!

 Yup, another great week! So many great things happened this past week. On Tuesday we had a zone conference in Cauayan. Again, I love zone conferences so much. This was also the last zone conference for President and Sister Rahlf since they'll be going home in June :/ They're amazing! The spirit was so strong as they shared about the Book of Mormon and bore their testimonies on it. At the end of every zone conference they give some time to the missionaries to bear their testimony. I thought about going up this time but it ended up going over time because so many missionaries wanted to bear their testimonies. If it's okay I'd like to bear my testimony right now on the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is so true. It's helped me more than I thought it could in my own life, and by using it I've been able to help others in theirs. I know that the Book of Mormon truly testifies of Christ, that He is, and that He wants what's best for us. If you think about it, there's really no way that the Book of Mormon could be fake. Joseph Smith could never have written by his own knowledge, and even if he did, I can't think of anyone who would be willing to die for a book they wrote. The more you research the Book of Mormon, the more you'll find of it's truthfulness. Because I took on the challenge to do the "power read", my testimony and love for the Book of Mormon has increased so much. I'm excited to read through it again. Knowing the Book of Mormon is true, I can also say that I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and did restore the fulness of His Gospel to the earth. I know that Jesus lives, and that He knows and loves us more than we can comprehend. How blessed we are as members to know these things! 

 On Wednesday we returned to Cauayan for the new missionaries & trainers meeting. The other companions seem to be doing really great too! For some reason though the meeting made me even more grateful for Elder Umpat. The other greenies seem cool, but Elder Umpat's the best haha. After that meeting we went straight to work when we got back to Alicia and was able to visit Nanay Margarita Cristobal. She says her husband actually has family in Hawai`i, from Maui. It's pretty cool, a lot of people here actually have family in Hawai`i. They also love Kolohe Kai haha, they just finished a playlist of like 5 of their songs since I've been here in the net shop. Oh by the way, we saw the pictures & names of those arriving next week, and there's a Sister Escalante coming in! Could be family with those in our ward. 

 The other days of work went really well. Rodel worked with us again on Thursday. He has a really strong spirit; I enjoy working with him. On our way to dinner that night it suddenly started to rain after like a week or 2 without any rain, and it came hard all at once. Tatay Arenas (ward mission leader) picked us up in his tricey but we had to stop under cover somewhere since it was so strong. He decided to take us nearby to his siblings' house and we ate there. I'll attach a picture of us undercover and then some kids at the house. 

 Sunday was just one of those days where you see the results of your efforts. We saw a handful of LA's in church! I was mostly excited to see Adela, who hasn't been to church probably the longest out of them all. We also visited her later on at home and she just seems to be getting happier. It reminds me of the scripture verse 2 Nep. 5:27. We probably won't receive everything we want for following the Lord, but Nephi simply said that because of their diligence in keeping the commandments, they "lived after the manner of happiness". I know that only through obedience to the Lord's commandments can we experience true happiness. 

 Alright that's pretty much it! We still need to rush over to do some grocery shopping before work. Thank you guys for the package!! And tell the Alamedas I got their package as well and am so grateful! But mom, the jam broke in the box hahah. Everything was covered in jam when I opened it. You must've been inspired to extra-wrap the journals, which I love so much! They're still in great shape :) but I wasn't able to read pretty girls letter :/ some of it was saved but the rest is just colors. I'll send a picture of that too. But, know that I am so grateful! Thank you guys so much. And tell Jeremias I said happy birthday! Alright, love you guys! So stoked for next week!!

Mahal ko po kayo,
Elder Ishibashi

New Missionaries & Trainers Meeting

Rodel Bautista

I don't know, these kids got it down haha

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