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6-18-17 Magandang hapon po family!

Magandang hapon po family!

 I'm excited to tell you guys about our week! But first, thank you, dad, for sharing what Elder Holland said about this Dispensation. We really are so blessed to be living in this day! Great motivation to keep going and stay faithful. It's also interesting that you shared the Standard of Truth. I've only heard that for the first time here in Gamu. One of our housemates has it memorized and recites it every now and then as well. I'll try to get that memorized before I get home.

 Our District Meeting topic was on boldly giving commitments. One of my favorite stories is when Aaron teaches the father of King Lamoni and he develops a great desire to receive this "great joy" that Aaron taught about. He was even willing to give up his entire kingdom - including every worldly thing he owned - to receive eternal life. Aaron told him to kneel down and call upon the Lord. It was after that that he was forgiven of his sins and felt the joy he was looking for. If Aaron didn't invite him to do that, he wouldn't have felt that joy. We've made it a goal to be more bold in our teaching and stop worrying so much about what others think. Elder Pulley (AP) attended the meeting and the Spirit was powerful as he testified on the importance of being bold and clear so that those we teach can have the chance to exercise their own free agency. Elder Pulley's actually a legend haha, known for his boldness.

 Jackie is still progressing like crazy. She's reading the Book of Mormon daily and applies everything we teach immediately. Our fellowshippers are constantly following-up on things with her and staying close which I'm so grateful for. She's excited for her baptism and is happy to share the blessings that are coming as she continues on this path. We're so excited for her! We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and she said until then she's been drinking coffee pretty normally. But she accepted it immediately as something coming from God and said she'll swap it with milk. She is just so ready! 

 NANAY SOFIA WENT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! She texted us on Saturday morning saying she wasn't at home (we usually visit her on Saturdays) but that we'd see her at church on Sunday. We planned for a member to pass by Sunday morning and go to church with her, but this member had something happen at the last minute and wasn't able to attend church. Yesterday we waited and waited until church started, but nanay didn't show. We went inside happy that 3 other investigators including Jackie were there, but so so bummed because Nanay's promised for about 4 weeks in a row that she'd go. When the sacrament hymn started I got up to close the doors and just before closing one I noticed her on the very back row! And with her was her one niece we're also teaching and then some other little kids! I was so happy it's hard to explain. The talks were great and they stayed for the classes but had to go home just a little early because one of the kids was tired and fussy. But we visited nanay today and she said it was a great experience and she'll attend again this coming Sunday! She's also now reading in Mosiah 13! Whenever she's not busy, she reads from the Book of Mormon. 

 We have a handful of other investigators who are slowly progressing as well! The work is going so well here it's crazy. That's it though for the main things! I love you guys! Next week may be my last time to email! I'm not sure if we'll have time to email on my last monday here. Have a great week, love you guys!

 Elder Ishibashi

ps. Thanks for the picture! Good job Kala'i and Lehia!

Gamu chapel

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