Monday, May 29, 2017

5-28-17 That's like gold for missionaries

Hello po Family!

 Man, this computer won't recognize my camera so I won't be able to send pictures again. Sorry! A member sent a picture though so I'll just forward that to you guys. My camera's also messed up now and won't work. It just won't turn at all anymore no matter how long I let it rest or charge it. The "on" light will turn on then off and that's it. 

 Elder Marquez and I had a great week! We're on a new planner though so I'll have to share our experiences based on memory today. We're finding so many new people! Elder Marquez is just ridiculous when it comes to work and seems to never get tired of it. Because of him it's so easy for me to keep going hard and being excited about the work. We worked in a couple spots we've never been to before and found people with pretty high potential. For the sake of time though I'll just talk about our most progressing investigator right now, sister Jackie. She was a referral from a couple fellowshippers who work with us at least 2x a week. She's pretty busy so we didn't get to teach her until Saturday 2weeks ago. This is what's awesome about her though: she has entered many churches already and has so many unanswered questions.That's like gold for missionaries. She got comfortable with us really easily thanks to the fellowshippers and asked us many questions that we were able to help her with. This past Saturday we taught her for the second time and this was one of my favorite lessons of all time. I've had only a handful of lessons where I felt the spirit just take over and guide the topic to what the person needed to hear or learn, and this was one of those times. Everything flowed so well and Jackie confessed that she gets a different feeling when she listens to us. She asked a great question: How can I feel the Spirit of God at all times? We took that as the opportunity to teach about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and how it's preceded by Baptism by someone with authority. She accepted the invitation to be baptized on July 1. Please pray for her! She mentioned being a little afraid because if she follows through with this she'll be the only member in her family and is worried how they'd take it. Luckily one fellowshipper has the same problem so shared how he's been able to deal with it and why he continues to be strong in the church.  What made this experience better, was that she made it to church yesterday! She had to leave early for work but we were so stoked to see her and she said she'll go back next week. She was the only investigator in church yesterday.

 We have this other great, great investigator, sister Sofia. She's been wanting to go to church lately, things just keep coming up. Last week she had to help out with a funeral. She said that yesterday she was super set on going to church and even invited her niece to go with her, but in the morning she woke up to 2 boils on her leg. Because of that she wasn't able to walk well and I think boils bring headaches as well. Her niece got changed and everything! Just couldn't go because of Sofia's boils. Satan is working very hard to keep people from keeping commitments. But Sister Sofia promised that she's going this Sunday with her niece, Jezabelle :) 

 Alright that's pretty much all I can remember right now! I want to thank Anjo though for that great Eagle Scout project you did. That one must have been inspired. Thank you. As for mom, thank you for getting everything set up! Not gonna lie though I'm pretty nervous now haha. Tell Hamblin I love him and will see him soon! Also, Kala'i, you're voice is ridiculous. That song you wrote for Makana was beautiful and I'm stoked to get home and just hear you sing when we jam again. Oh and tell Makana I love him and said congratulations!! I meant to say that in my last email...sorry. 

 Love you guys! 
Elder Ishibashi


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