Monday, January 23, 2017

1-22-17 I need to be more grateful

Kumusta po family!
 First off, KALA'I! Happy birthday and congratulations on being BIIFS champs!! You have no idea how stoked I am for you and your crew! That's the sickest thing ever, I'm so proud of you. My biggest problem when it came to sports was fully committing, and because of that nothing really happened with me. I'm so glad that you were able to put your all into this sport, and now look where you are! Full-commitment is a huge attribute that will bless you as a missionary and throughout your life, not only now. Congratulations again! Your arms are huge by the way.

 Thank you too, dad, for the update on the missionary work you guys are doing! I'm super happy for you guys and will keep you guys in my prayers for sure. 

 Just like you guys, we had a great week as well! Elder Fernandez's birthday was on Tuesday so we were fed really well by the members and bought a cake later on that night to celebrate. On Wednesday our new companion arrived, Elder Doctolero! We both arrived in Bambang zone together but he was only there for one cycle before transferring out again. I was able to go on splits with him one time though while in Bambang and I really enjoyed it. Elder Doctolero has a really soft, humble personality which I enjoy. It's really easy to feel the Spirit with him at home and especially during lessons. Our companionship altogether, with him, me, and Elder Fernandez, is awesome. We're like the "triumphant tris-ome" haha.   

 Sorry, we're now on a new planner so I left my other planner at home and can't remember a lot of the things that happened last week :/ We did have a great week of work though. One person that comes to mind is sister Divine, who was a referral from the sister missionaries. She's originally from their area but now lives in ours. She's golden! She's so kind and has the desire to learn everything we have to share. Yesterday I visited her with some SA(single adult) members who were able to work. Divine said that the only reason she didn't attend church was because she doesn't have any dresses and was too ashamed to go in jeans. We explained that what we wear isn't important, as long as it is the best we have to show respect for the Lord in His house. What stood out to me in that lesson though actually came from the members' testimonies. They shared what their lives were like before being taught by the missionaries and receiving the gospel. One sister's family ate salt mixed with water and rice often because that's all they could afford. She talked about periods of time where they had to study in the dark because they didn't have electricity. Another member shared about how their father, who is now our Branch President, was once a drunkard, while their mother had a heart problem and they treated every night like it was her last, sometimes just crying together. That member is now an RM and the first is preparing to serve a mission as well. 

 It was heartbreaking for me to hear their testimonies since I have never had to face anything even close to those things they experienced. How ungrateful I am for the things I have! It was a wake-up call for me that I need to be more grateful for everything God has given me. It also shows clearly how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can save people. It doesn't just bless us spiritually, but temporally as well, like the Lord says in Mosiah 2:41. There's no doubt in mind that we canʻt make it through life without the gospel.

 Sorry again for not being able to share too much, I'll do better next week. I love you guys!

Mahal ko po kayo,
Elder Ishibashi

I read a book full of quotes by Henry B. Eyring this past week and took pictures of the more powerful ones for me. I'll post a new one every now and then

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