Monday, September 12, 2016

9-11-16 I received some great personal revelation

Magandang araw po family! 

 Man, today really is a beautiful one! I just got an email from my anak, Elder Umpat, letting me know that he'll be training one of the new elders coming in this week!! I'm soooo stoked to finally have my first actual apo (grandchild) in the mission. He's also becoming a District Leader as well which is crazy awesome! I'm so proud of Elder Umpat for being worthy to become a trainer & leader so soon. Today we found out who of each zone is transferring out and President Hiatt called those who will be training or getting a new Leadership position. Elder Kane is becoming a Zone Leader! As for Elder Labrador, he's actually not transferring yet. It's funny since he kind of said goodbye to pretty much everyone hahah. Luckily he's a great elder so they'll be happy he's still here, and so am I. Another blessing from that is this means that I'm here for at least 2 more cycles, so I'm happy. I love this area and some great, great things are happening.

 One crazy, unexpected blessing is that Vinalyn came back! I forgot to mention last week that Vinalyn, our most-progressing investigtor, decided to go to work in Baguio which is a different mission. She expected to be there until at least Christmas time, so we were really sad that we'd be gone by the time she got home and wouldn't be able to see her be baptized. Yesterday while speaking with some members at church we learned that Vinalyn was back, and that she was actually there inside! We were so happy to see her again and are super excited to get back to teaching her until she can be baptized. Hopefully everything will work out well. We also have another great investigator named Ayesha. She's only 8 years old, but is super smart and enjoys being taught by us. Something great about her is that she's not afraid to ask questions so we can tell that she's understanding the things we share. Her guardian who sits in on the lessons is also coming to church with her so we're hoping that eventually she'll have the desire to be baptized as well. 

 Do you guys remember nanay & tatay Corpuz, the couple I mentioned last week? Elder Kane & I did splits this week and we visited them. I kind of expected them to say something about being at church for 3 hours (since church is only 1 hour at the Catholic church), but when I asked about their experience there nanay said, "It's actually really beautiful there!" She said they're excited to return to church again! Elder Kane and I had a great lesson with them and I have high hopes for nanay & tatay Corpuz. Unfortunately they weren't able to go to church yesterday but said they'll go this coming Sunday. Oh yeah! I also hit my 14 month mark this week! Craaazy. 

 Another great blessing this past week was District Conference on Saturday and Sunday. I received some great personal revelation that has taken effect immediately. I feel that this is something that will help me a lot as a missionary and leader. I really enjoyed listening to President & Sister Hiatt speak at the General Session yesterday. Elder & Sister Pajaro also gave really great talks. They all seemed to focus on the importance of raising the next generation in the gospel. It's so important that we do all that we can now to show the rising generation how to stay on the right path. If you think about it, it really is up to us if they'll make it or not. The speakers stressed on reading the scriptures individually and as families. Elder Pajaro is a master at breaking down and expanding scripture verses; I want to know the scriptures as well as he does. 

 So many other great things happened this past week that I just can't remember right now. I haven't written in my journal in like 2 weeks :/ So busy making a zone tshirt and some other things. I'll get back to it tonight hopefully. I love you guys though! You guys are looking super good! Have a great week!

Mahal ko po kayo,
Elder Ishibashi

Our Branch Mission Leader & soon-to-be Elder Labitoria. He's been assigned to labor in Davao, a southern part of the Philippines where foreigners can't be assigned to.

Sometimes we throw leaves at each other to keep the companionship healthy. I'm grateful to have a patient, long-suffering companion haha

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