Monday, July 25, 2016

7-24-16 I'm slowwwly learning more and more Ilokano.

Kumusta pamilyak! Naimbag a malem!

 I'm slowwwly learning more and more Ilokano. Something great about this area is that almost every single person I know is naturally Ilokano! Luckily they're just as fluent in Tagalog so I'm able to communicate, but it's awesome that if I have any questions about Ilokano I can turn to anyone! Do Uncle BJ them & the Escalantes speak Ilokano too or just Tagalog? I'll push myself harder to learn Ilokano if I have close people to speak with when I get home. 

 Anyway, this week was way too quick again. It's hard to believe it's been a whole 7 days since I wrote last. Although it was such a quick one we actually accomplished a bunch of things! On Tuesday we had our first zone meeting of the cycle, which means this was my first one as a zone leader. Since we were super busy the week before and went to Banaue last Monday, it was hard finding time to really sit down and plan out our lesson. We prepared as much as we could Monday night and trusted in the Lord that our lesson would be successful the next day. And it was! It was one of those tender mercies again, that even though we could've done better at preparing, the Lord helped us have a great lesson overall. The Assistants attended our zone meeting as well and shared great thoughts & ideas, which I'm grateful for. 

 We had splits 3 times this past week. On Wednesday we worked with a companionship in our zone who have kind of a struggling area. Elder Labrador worked in their area (Dupax Del Sur) with Elder Briones while Elder Doctolero & I worked here in Bambang. Elder Doctolero is pretty new in the field but he's a great missionary! He knows the scriptures well and is great at teaching them simply, which is a huge skill as a missionary. On Friday we had the opportunity to work with the Assistants! We all worked in Cauayan then Elder & I returned to Bambang the next day. I got to work with Elder Antenorcruz. For one thing it was super awesome working with a car haha, but it was way cool working with someone who obviously does his part as a missionary. Elder Antenorcruz is a hastener for sure! Unfortunately they had an unexpected meeting with President Hiatt later on that night so we didn't get to work the full day, but it was still awesome. I tried my best to absorb everything from Elder Antenorcruz and think of ways I can improve myself in order to become a great missionary like him. On Sunday we got to work with members again. The single adults in our branch are great! Thanks to them it was easy breaking the ice with those we taught for the first time. They're also all Ilokano so I learned a lot of things in between lessons haha.  

In between those busy days and splits, I enjoy when it's back to just me and Elder Labrador. He continues to be a great missionary and companion. I can't believe this cycle will end next week! I doubt he'll transfer since he's only been here one cycle longer than me, but there's always the chance. Hopefully he doesn't! We'll know by my next email. 

 Thank you mom and dad for your emails and great examples. Thank you so much dad for following that prompting to call grandma. Now tell her not to get sick again! I only have one year left! Oh and Happy birthday Lehia! Wednesday right? I just realized I'll be home before your first Sunday blessing the sacrament! Crazy. I love you guys & hope you have a great week!

Mahal ko po kayo,
Elder Ishibashi

Zone pic. after zone meeting ft. Assistants

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