Monday, June 13, 2016

6-12-16 What a great example of faith

Kumusta po family!

 Alright I should have enough time today! The past couple weeks have been great ones. So far the biggest thing right now is our baptism this coming Saturday! Our 2 investigators, Michael & Lee, will be married in the morning and go straight to the baptismal font to be baptized. Yesterday Lee told me that she quit the job she just got since it forces her to work on Sundays. She didn't even find another job yet but knew that she needed to leave that job if she wanted to be a faithful member. How cool is that! What a great example of faith. It reminds me of what Christ said in 3 Nephi 13:31-33, that our Father in Heaven knows our concerns and needs. He says not to worry about what we'll eat, drink, or wear; If we search for the kingdom of God first, all of these things will be added unto us. I know that obedience to the commandments doesn't only bring blessings to us spiritually, but temporally as well. Lee's nephew will be baptized along with them and hooopefully her father as well. Because of his sickness he has a really hard time understanding some things and remembering other things, but his desire to follow Christ by being baptized is totally there. If it's okay, please add him into your prayers that he'll be able to be baptized this Saturday

 I like what you said about invitations, dad. That's something I've been thinking about lately too. You're probably familiar with the story of Aaron and the Father of King Lamoni. This king believed the gospel as soon as he heard it, and asked what he needed to do in order to receive a remission of sins. Aaron gave the invitation to kneel down and repent. If Aaron didn't invite him to do that, how would he have become cleansed and fully converted? Most of the people we teach here don't exactly ask how they can become closer to the Lord, but the principle is the same. If we don't invite, they won't even have the option to choose. This week we had a great lesson with the Pataray family. Brother Pataray was converted many years ago and even became first counselor in the branch presidency at one point. Sister Pataray was raised in the church. A few years ago they moved to Paddad (a nearby area) and there got offended and stopped going to church. Apparently they've been back here in Alicia for a long time now but we only heard their names a few weeks ago and visited them shortly after. This past week we had our second lesson with them. We taught about the sacrament and at the end I felt the strong urge to invite them to push everything off to the side on Sunday and go to church. Elder Umpat & I were so stoked to see them there yesterday! And again, our ward members did such a great job at welcoming them back and befriending them. Some people who know them well said they're returned for good. Such a blessing!

 Besides these things, everything else continues to go so well. Still loving my companion and learning so much from him. By my next email I'll know if I'm transferring or not! I'm hoping I don't, but I'm kind of excited at the same time to get hit with something new again and meet new people. We'll see. This week is going to be another great one! Oh and happy birthday Fia! I meant to mention that last week but ran out of time. Thanks U'i for the pictures and videos :) I love you guys!

Hanggang sa susunod,
Elder Ishibashi

 This is Elder Swensen from Sandy, Utah. He'll be going home at the end of this cycle! 

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