Monday, April 18, 2016


Kumusta pamilyak!

 Alright first off, CONGRATULATIONS OHU!! That is like the sickest thing that you got the same call as Herbert! How many people can say that! I'm so happy you're going to the second best mission in the world! ;) Haha joke. I actually feel really bad but I saw the thing about Herb's friend teaching you Fijian before I actually saw the video, but I wasn't super sure about it. When I saw the video I couldn't help but smile first-of-all to see and hear your voices again, but then I couldn't help but cry when I heard that you're going to Fiji. The mission itself is amazing, but to go and see the same people who know and love your own brother, I can't even imagine how that must feel. You are so blessed! Thank you so much for your preparedness in becoming a missionary 'ohu, you are amazing. Mahal na mahal na mahal kita!

 Man, I'm just so happy haha. This past week was a great one for me too. We're finding more people to teach and Elder Umpat is such a huge help. Our two investigators that we really focused on this past week are Charlene Bucatora and Caesar Martin. We actually just met sister Charlene for the first time on Monday. She was taught by the missionaries in the past but something happened and they stopped visiting her. Charlene is only 11 years old but she is really progressing. We even set a baptismal date with her for May 21! I'll keep you guys updated on that. Elder Flores and I met Caesar a while ago but he's been busy for a pretty long time. This past week Elder Umpat and I caught him at a good time and finally got to share a message with him again. I felt the prompting to invite him to be baptized and so did Elder Umpat, so he asked him. Caesar said that he needs to study the Gospel a little further before making a decision, but that he will be baptized if he finds out for himself that it's true. I have a strong feeling that it'll all work out with him. 

 Besides them we're also finding a lot of LAs that we've never met before. Today we actually met the wife of an LA while getting haircuts. The other day a couple members told us about this Salon since Elder Umpat mentioned wanting to get a haircut. So today we tried this place for the first time. There was only one person there besides the workers and she recognized us as elders even though we were in normal clothes (just finished playing basketball). She told the salon people about us and we all started talking about religion and our beliefs as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Through that we learned that this sister's husband was a Branch President at one point, but is now not active in the church. She also said that she has a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation. She didn't seem overly excited when I asked if we could visit her home some time to share more about it haha, but I'm stoked. She herself is of a different faith so I'm excited to share the Gospel with her. 
 This past week we had a zone meeting instead of district meeting. Since then I've been thinking a lot about asking inspired questions in our lessons. Inspired questions are questions that really make the learners think about what they're learning and how it matters/connects to their life. As I thought about inspired questions I came across the topic of trials. One of our other progressing investigators wanted to learn about trials and why God allows us to go through them. Trying to use inspired questions, I thought that I could probably ask her why she thinks God gives us trials. Then I thought, "Wait, why DOES He give us trials?" The study then turned into a learning experience for me. I always knew that God gives us trials to learn, but I now have a deeper understanding of it. There are actually a lot of reasons Heavenly Father allows us to go through trials! From "to become humble" to "to try our patience and faith in Him" to "so that His judgments are just at the last day", so many reasons. I've come to love Him even more this past week for my challenges. No matter what the challenge is that we may face in life, I know that we can trust in the Lord and He will help us. He promises to do so.

 Alright on one last, not-so-serious note, I finally did it! I ate adidas! Lehia knows what that is haha. It's chicken feet! I won't lie and say I'm excited to eat it again, but it was a good experience haha. Man, just rat and frog left I think and I'll have tried about everything! There's also dog, but even a lot of Filipinos can't eat that so I don't feel bad if I never get around to trying it haha. But anyway, that's about it for the week! Know that Elder Umpat and I are doing great here, the work is hastening, and the blessings are flourishing. I love being a missionary! And again, I am so ridiculously excited that 'ohu will be in the field soon. I love you guys!

Elder Ishibashi

I ate adidas! Chicken feet

Oh yeah, there was also one day this week where I searched the entire sky and found not one cloud. Nalamiis met. It's more fun in the Philippines! 


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