Sunday, November 8, 2015

11-8-15 We had a great week!

Kumusta po family!

Another ayos na linggo dito sa Pilipinas! I hope that was grammatically correct haha. 

We had a great week! The biggest thing that happened was transfer day. My new companion is super cool! His name is Elder Capulac. He's suuuch a good missionary; has the spirit with him for sure. 

The last couple days with Elder Rebojo went really quickly. On Tuesday we had two members willing to work with us so they went with Elder Rebojo and I got to work with Elder Bice! This past cycle was his tatay's (trainer) last cycle so he left Tuesday morning to Cauayan. Since transfer day was on Wednesday Elder Bice spent the day with us. Man it was awesome being his companion again! It was super cool seeing how much both of us have grown in the language and as missionaries since being companions in the MTC. Awesome experience talaga. 

We slept over the ZLs that night so we could all travel to Solano together for transfer day. It was a little hard saying goodbye to Elder Rebojo. I learned so much from him the past 10 weeks, and I especially know I wouldn't have grown so much in the language if it wasn't for him. 

Elder Capulac is really good in English so it's a little harder for me to force myself to speak Tagalog. But his spirit is so strong and the people here just like him right off the bat because he's so friendly. Through him it's easy for people to see that missionaries are people too haha. 

As for the work, it went really well too. I think my favorite lesson this week was actually an unplanned one. We went to visit N---- C-----. When we got to her house her daughter (our back-up plan) was washing clothes. She said that she was busy and N---- wasn't home, but J---- wasn't doing anything and we could go teach him. Elder Rebojo and I met J----- B------ through contacting a few weeks ago. When we first met him he seemed a little off and when he said we could come back to teach him I thought he just didn't wanna be rude and say no. Because of that attitude I was really reluctant to visit him, but we did go. When we got there he was just finishing his shower and told us to sit down and wait real quick while he finished and got changed. When he came out and we had our lesson, it was totally different from what I expected it would be like. He has a really strong spirit! He said that his wife had been reading the pamphlet Elder Rebojo gave him. During the lesson when Elder Capulac asked him a question, he actually took the time to really think about it and try his best to answer it. That doesn't happen a lot when it comes to investigators. I think his true desire to learn more is what brought the spirit into our lesson. Unfortunately his wife wasn't there, but he said we could come back so hopefully she'll be there next time. We had many other great lessons this week but I don't have time to share all of them haha. 

I gained a strong testimony on having a positive attitude though this week. Too often I complain in my head and even blame Heavenly Father for the trials that I go through. In PS, I was reading in Alma 26 and verse 29 was really powerful for me. The sons of Mosiah went through so much persecution while doing missionary work. They were beat, spit upon, mocked, bound with chords, cast into prison, etc. But at the end of the verse Ammon says that through God they were delivered. After all of these things he's grateful that Heavenly Father helped them, not mad that He allowed them to go through those things. I can't say that I have that kind of attitude yet, but it's something that I sincerely strive for.

Anyway that's about it for the week I think. It really was a great one. We met a lot of people through contacting and we're going to try to visit them this week. I hope you guys had a great week. I continue to thank Heavenly Father so much for watching over you guys. The greatest blessing for me is to know that you guys are okay and progressing in everything. It's awesome that you and Ohu go on splits with the missionaries dad! When I get home I'm excited to be able to work with them and share the gospel with the people around us. I love you guys! 

Mahal mahal kita,
Elder Ishibashi

Elder Rebojo's last FHE in our area. Us and the zone leaders at the Bayon family's home.

Transfer day! Just before E. Rebojo and S. Heve (mission mom...still don't understand how that works) left to their new areas. 

Today we had a zone activity since it's S. Palemene's birthday! I forgot to take a picture with Elder Capulac. I'll try to do that this week and send it next week.  

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