Monday, October 5, 2015

10-4-15 We had another awesome week

Magandang hapon po mom! Or for you guys, magandang gabi!

 Man we had another awesome week this week! I can't say we're 100% exactly obedient yet, but I've definitely received so many blessings from trying. This week I was able to go on splits twice. The first time was with Elder Petersen on Saturday. He returns home this Thursday! He leaves tomorrow morning for Cauayan and then to Manila on Wednesday I think. That meant that this was his last time going on splits, so I was so blessed and honored to be the last for him. I learned sooo much from him that day and since the day we came into the field. Great, great missionary po siya. The next time was yesterday. We had 4 members who wanted to work with us, so Elder Rebojo took two and I took the other two. The two members I worked with were bro. Dulnuan and sis. Bayatan (those are their last names). What's awesome is Bro. Dulnuan just got home from serving a voluntary 3 month mission. He lives in Lamut and wanted to serve so bad that he did that and is now leaving this Friday for his actual mission in Quezon City. How cool is that! He was a huge help in our lessons, such a good missionary already. 

  Although I enjoyed and learned so much from splits, the lesson that stood out to me was on Friday with Elder Rebojo. On our way back from a house, we saw a trail that Elder Rebojo has never been on before. So we followed it for the first time and it lead to a big neighborhood. The first nanay we met spoke really good English and said that she hasn't seen missionaries for 5 years! She also said that she has a relative who's married to an Ishibashi haha. What are the odds? She was busy then but said that we can share a message with her another day if she's not busy. The next house was where we met sis. Mariam a.k.a. Marina. I could tell she was very reluctant to let us share a message with her, but she let us anyway. Before we taught she seemed to have a problem with our beliefs. I felt like the best thing to do was to teach her about Jesus Christ's ministry on the earth, and Elder Rebojo must've felt the same because everything we said complimented each other perfectly. She also shared her thoughts and beliefs during our lesson which I love when people do because it makes it easier for us to know what to share. The spirit was very strong when we invited her to read the pamphlet and pray to know if it's true. When I went to check on her yesterday with bro. Dulnuan and sis. Bayatan, she was busy so we couldn't teach another lesson. But I'm really hoping she'll do those things if she hasn't already and we can visit her again soon. 

  Now on to a not-so-spiritual but also fun experience this week. After a lesson we went to a members house. I don't know why they texted us to come over for, but it turned into sis. Jing making me a small plate of chicken intestines! I might've mentioned eating intestines once before, but that was just a small piece. This time it was a spoonful...which I guess really isn't that much either haha. And honestly, it was actually pretty good. The after taste was weird but it went away after a while. I still have yet to eat something really scary haha.

  Man we weren't able to watch General Conference yet! I think we'll be able to this week (hopefully in English for some of us). I'm really looking forward to this one! It sounds like it was a really great one. I think about that a lot too, how sad it is that some people choose not to "partake of the fruit". But it reminds me of how truly blessed I am for having the gospel in my life, and how important it is for me as a person and missionary to constantly strive to be an example and bring those people unto Christ. I love being here on a mission! It's so exciting to share what I know to be true with others. Alam ko po na sobrang mahalaga ang missionary work. 

  It's great to hear that you're doing well too mom. I miss you guys, but I know that the Lord is watching over you and I'm soooso grateful for that. I hope you guys have a great week too! Love you!

Mahal kita, 
Elder Ishibashi

This was a day to gather with "batch mates" and companions for additional training and counsel.

Chicken Intestines! It was pretty good!

Branch President Bumatay in the yellow. We had dinner at their house last night.

Oh and bro. Brian, our branch mission leader, designed zone shirts for us! We had a zone activity this morning since Elder Petersen is leaving and 2 sisters are being transferred on Wednesday. We played some super funny games and ate adobo and bikol express that Elder Petersen and Elder Rebojo cooked before hand with rice that the sisters cooked.

Oh and I got to touch a kalabaw the other day too! I was super scared but did it for the thrill haha. I also love riding on the back of jeepneys and stuff. Don't worry mom, it's really not that dangerous haha. Keeps me sane I think. Love you guys! 

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