Monday, September 7, 2015

9-6-15 I'm good!

Kumusta dad!

Sorry for not replying to your email last week. I read it and forgot to reply. But I did take a few pictures in Japan, and I have some yen to take home. How's Lehia and Kala'i with the surfing? Does Ohu every go with them? How's Hali'a? How's mom and grandma? Oh speaking of the boys, tell them look up "Oh My Father" by Paul Feletoa Tuaone. I think they could do it.

As for me, I'm good! This place is sooo beautiful. I'm so sorry...I still can't load pictures. I left my chord in the apartment so they let me use a card reader, but it still won't work. I'll send choke pictures when it finally works. Hooopefully next week. But anyway, things here are great! 

This past week actually flew by really quickly. We do get a dinner appointment every now and then, and we have one tonight at the Balubals' home. They invited us and the zone leaders over for FHE and we're teaching the lesson. The Balubals actually have a furniture business and a page on facebook, maybe one of you guys can find it and give it a like haha. 

As for the language, it's coming along slowly. I can understand a lot of what's being said, but I still struggle in speaking. Luckily the youth and primary kids in our branch are really nice and help me with Tagalog. I only know a few words in Ilocano so far though haha. 

Hahaha wooowww mom. Was it at least night time when it happened? [editor's note: he is responding to news that my wife accidently hit and killed our sheep "Jaime"] That's so sad but funny haha [editor's note: he was severely teased by the family last year for doing the same thing to another of our sheep]. 

Last night we slept over the ZLs' so we didn't have to wake up extra early to run over again and play basketball. When we went over, they showed us that they caught a mouse and were trying to figure out how to kill it. Elder Petersen finally decided to drown it and gave it a proper burial as well including a ring of flowers, small cross, and a "God be with you til we meet again" solo haha. 

I have so much already, thanks dad. I hope whoever you needed to give a blessing to is okay. Love you too dad! Let everyone know I love them!

Elder Ishibashi

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